H. R. Doud Division, Saginaw, MI U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
   H. R. Doud Division, Saginaw, MIU.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a national youth organization dedicated to instilling values such as honor, commitment, courage, responsibility, leadership and teamwork.  Cadets range in age from 10 to high school graduation, and there are active units in almost all 50 states.  Cadets from Michigan have an opportunity to travel to other states and countries to develop and strenghten skills that they will use throughout their lives.


The H.R. Doud Division is headquartered at the Navy Operations Support Center in
Saginaw, MI. Cadets travel from all over Mid-Michigan one weekend per month to
participate in drill activities. During H. R. Doud Division drill weekends, cadets train in US
Naval and Military Operations to include topics such as basic marching, color guard
presentations, land navigation, maritime history, shipboard procedures, and uniform care.
Cadets have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and abroad for training
sessions which can last from nine days to three weeks. Each Cadet attends Sea Cadet
Recruit Training as their first major training session, some of these sessions are held at US
Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL. Cadets also serve local and state-wide
communities through many community service projects. The H. R. Doud Division Color
Guard provides presentations at local university and professional sporting events, festivals
and ceremonies, and organizational meetings. Opportunities are limitless for H. R. Doud
Division Cadets!


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H. R. Doud Division, USNSCC

H. R. Doud Division, USNSCC

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H. R. Doud Division, Saginaw MI

Unit Officers/Staff

H. R. Doud Division, USNSCC

Navy Operational Support Center Saginaw

3500 Douglass St, Saginaw, MI 48601


Commanding Officer:

LCDR Patricia Altergott, NSCC

E-mail: paltergo@gmail.com


Executive Officer/Training Officer:

MIDN Nick Taylor, NSCC

E-mail: taylonic000@gmail.com


Operations Officer/Recruitment Officer/Training Officer:

LCDR John Altergott, NSCC

E-mail: jfalterg@svsu.edu


ADMIN Officer:

AUX Howard Scrimgeour, NSCC

E-mail: scrimgeourh@rogers.com


Supply Officer:

AUX Heidi Opdyke, NSCC


League Cadet Training Officers:


Parent Liaison Officer:





Additional staff:









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H. R. Doud Division, Saginaw MI